Property and Land Management

Our property and land management services include tree & brush removal, under-brushing for wooded lots, and invasive species control. We can also maintain walking trails or clear fence lines.

Mulching clears out overgrown vegetation and restores the soil without the inherent dangers of burning, or the expense of hauling away the refuse. It also increases property value through its soil enrichment, water conservation, and erosion control.  Restoring habitats and pastures without destruction to grasses, topsoil and desirable plant species. Since mulchers cut saplings and brush off at the ground level, there are no stumps to burn or pull out.

Burning brush gets extremely hot and leaves a scar at the burn site – and in the surrounding area.  In fact, these fires get so hot, that they burn several inches below topsoil level.  Actually sterilizing the ground and killing everything in it. Topsoil contains vital nutrients, living microbes, oxygen, and nitrogen that plants need to survive.  So, in addition to the brush and topsoil, any seeds germinating just beneath the soil are also destroyed during a burn.  These visible burn scars and the soil’s inability to produce vegetation can last up to three years. The flames, heat and smoke from brush piles also injure and weaken nearby trees that are still standing.  In fact, many areas prohibit burning altogether due to the inherent dangers it presents and the amount of damage it causes to the environmental balance.